Nuts and Gymnastics: The unbeaten duo

Ξηροί καρποί και Γυμναστική: Το αχτύπητο δίδυμο

If you ask someone what you need to do to get the perfect figure, what they will answer is proper nutrition and exercise.

What you should not forget is that what we eat can significantly affect our health. The foods we consume contain a number of nutrients that provide us with energy, improving our physical condition, enhancing growth and at the same time regulating metabolic processes.

So if you exercise regularly or belong to the category of those who have just started exercising, it is important to know the foods that you need to include in your daily routine to maximize your results!

An easy and quick solution to get the energy you need is to eat a handful of nuts. The nutsNot only will they boost your stamina but they will also help you increase your volume and give you health!

One of the most nutritious sources of nutrients for the human diet are nuts. It is an ideal food for those who exercise both mentally and physically. Combining nuts with regular exercise, you offer your body the perfect combination of taste and unique results that will "throw" your exercise to the heights!

Almonds, which contain calcium, fiber and good fats, are the most well-known nuts for athletes. It is also rich in arginine, which improves blood flow during training. In fact, a study of cyclists found that those who ate almonds traveled longer distances than those who ate cookies of the same caloric value.

According to the Recommended Daily Intake of Macronutrients, nuts are low in carbohydrates, high in protein, high in monounsaturated fats, low in saturated fat and moderate in fiber.

So almonds may be small but they are miraculous. Some of them contain proteins that on the one hand help to restore the muscles and on the other hand reduce the feeling of hunger. Finally, fiber and unsaturated fats have the potential to reduce wrinkles. 

Nuts before training

It is a fact that before any exercise the body needs energy to cope with the difficult program for the period in which it exercises. And by "before" we mean at least an hour earlier. The nuts They are an ideal pre-workout meal choice as they contain many of the nutrients you need for any sporting activity. Cashews, in fact, due to their high content of iron and zinc, help your endurance.

Nuts after training

The nuts in addition to being delicious and nutritious, they also treat the feeling of fatigue, while they are an excellent choice of snacks for after training since they are very easy to transport. They are sources of polyunsaturated fat, which give the body the energy it needs. Protein-rich foods also help regulate energy release.

Our priority in Νutriscious is the nutritional value of our food because we believe that good health is maintained through a proper diet and of course exercise. We work with selected producers and with them we constantly improve the cultivation and production of individual products.

We create excellent products with enjoyable tasting experiences! Try them!

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