Nuts the ultimate energy boost

Ξηροί Καρποί το απόλυτο boost ενέργειας

Our demanding daily life needs our attention but also our energy and you can get the boost you need in the most delicious way! The nuts will give you the energy you need to start and continue your day in the most dynamic way.

Quality and taste are combined in Νutriscious to give you the most delicious result, a snack with high nutritional value. Each of our products has been selected with special care, by selected producers and with them we are constantly improving the cultivation and production of individual products. The policies we implement include detailed controls that cover the entire production process of the products. Thus, the result is guaranteed at every step: from cultivation and receipt to delivery to disposal points.

You can always choose a different nut depending on your appetite and activities, but you can still stick to your favorite choice. A small amount nuts can supply our body with large amounts of energy, unsaturated fatty acids, vegetable proteins etc.

Almond Roast Unsalted / Raw Crumb

Almond kernels from almond trees of the Firania variety, organized cultivation in fields suitably shaped. Nutritionally, roasted almonds provide 191 calories per individual package of 30 grams, while raw almonds provide 192 calories per individual package of 30 grams.

Raw walnut kernel

Walnut kernels from Chandler walnut variety, organized cultivation in well-formed fields. Nutritionally, the nut provides 214 calories per individual package of 30 grams. The shape of the nut is not random. It is very reminiscent of a tiny brain with two hemispheres and cerebellum. It is therefore easy to conclude that nuts can be particularly helpful in the development of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Peanut Roasted Unsalted / Crumbs Baked Unsalted / Crumbs Roasted with Lemon & Salt / Raw Crumbs / Raw Peeled

Pistachio from pistachios in the area of Fthiotida, organized cultivation in well-formed fields. Nutritionally, the pistachio provides 183, 190, 194 calories per individual package of 30 grams, depending on the variety.

According to the Recommended Daily Intake of Macronutrients, nuts are low in carbohydrates, high in protein, high in monounsaturated fats, low in saturated fat and moderate in fiber.

So if you belong to the category of those who follow a healthy lifestyle and are generally proponents of healthy eating try them nuts us and you will go crazy!

The nuts are known since antiquity for their high nutritional value. Today they are one of the most popular snacks that offer toning and energy to the body completely naturally.

Put them on nuts in your life…. Wake up in the morning to drink a natural orange juice along with a handful of almonds. Choose them as snacks between meals. Try adding them to your favorite salad or yogurt in the evening.

Their nutritional value, the energy they give you and their unique taste will take off your day. 


Prefer to store nuts in a dry and cool place, perhaps in a cupboard, away from sunlight and heat. Choose to store them in an airtight container, preferably a glass one, which will help them stay unchanged and fresh for a longer period of time!

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