Nuts "go" everywhere

Οι ξηροί καρποί «πάνε» παντού

Nuts go with everything and… go everywhere! At work, at school, in the gym, whatever your schedule, wherever you are, in Νutriscious We have prepared for you to have with you at any time of the day your favorite healthy snack. Each package Νutriscious contains 7 individual portions of 30g with your favorite nuts. One for each day of the week so that you never run out of snacks if you "catch" a lick!

If you want a strong start to your day, all you have to do is enrich your breakfast with your favorite nuts. They are uniquely combined with yogurt and honey, or cereals but you can also prepare homemade cereal bars with almonds, walnuts, raisins and whatever else you want. It is a tasty and healthy combination if you want to stay fit and take care of your health.

When you are out, nuts are the ideal snack. Her individual envelopes Νutriscious are designed to fit anywhere and always have them in your bag. And why not; And in your pocket!

If you exercise, you can have our package with you both before and after training as it is a light snack that will give you the protein you need after exercise.

The nuts but και they also go to school! A delicious and nutritious snack that parents and children will love. Although children often prefer junk food due to the large amount of sugar, nuts are the ΄΄best ΄΄ answer ιών of parents to it. Prefer for your children a sachet of almonds that have a sweet taste or peanuts salted in shell as the sweet and savory taste respectively, are first in the preferences of children. However, always in moderation in consumption. Another alternative would be to add them to your children's favorite homemade cake instead of raw nuts for a more nutritious version.

You can choose from a wide variety of fruits depending on your needs and preferences:

Raw almond crumb

Its crunchy and sweet taste will make you love it. Raw, without added salt or sugar, it goes perfectly with your breakfast. If you are on a diet, you can have a package with us at all hours of the day and enjoy your favorites almonds as a snack.

Raw walnut kernel

Natural source of protein that fitness lovers love. With 214 calories per individual package of 30 grams is the right company for the gym. The nut also combined with sweets and salads and pies.

Peanut shelled raw crumb

It has a sweet taste and only 191 calories per individual package. It is an ideal and easy choice if you are on the road or in the car as the shell has been removed and we only offer you the crumb. Also, the individual packaging is ideal for cooking as it allows you to calculate exactly the proportions.

Baked almond kernel / Unsalted

Its crunchy and delicate texture makes roasted almonds a very popular snack. With zero added salt and 191 calories per pack, it is a suitable snack for all hours. Baking gives a slightly more intense texture and is particularly suitable as an accompaniment to your drink. The next time you relax with your drink at home you can combine it with a portion of baked goods almonds.

Peanut shell cooked with lemon and salt

Special and delicate taste for those who want to always try something new and different. You can combine it with salads to give a more intense taste or add small amounts to the food.

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